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In the e-mail form below, please include doctor’s name, patient’s name and the number of units to be scheduled. Also, please specify the restoration(s) type (PFM, zirconia, e.max) and if the restoration is an implant.

Schedule a case

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Please include with case:

– Completed Rx form with delivery date and prep date

– Patient’s full name (printed legibly)

– Detailed instructions

– Disinfected accurate impression(s)

– Disinfected bite (over the preps plus one more section on opposite side for full mouth impressions)

– Study model (required for all anterior cases)

– Shade information (accurate pictures greatly appreciated) – SmileLite by SmileLine USA – now available for Ipad

– To comply with OSHA, please make sure that all impressions, bites, partials, opposing models, study models, crowns, implant parts, etc. are disinfected or placed in a biohazard container (to avoid cross contamination, DO NOT use one of our boxes).

– Please indicate on the prescription that all items have been disinfected. Otherwise, disinfecting charges may apply.